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why am i updating?

alright so here i sit. at 2:02 am. john and marc are asleep like a pair of mental patients. john twitchs every now and then. it give me something to laugh about in silence. me and amanda texted eachother about a million fuckin times today. i really wanna go visit her. marc said he wants to come with me. i say come with me. havent been home in a couple days. maybe i'll grace my current place of residence with my presence soon. tomorrow. or the next day. being inside all day drives me fuckin crazy. so thats why im out so much. ya. so i dont think ashley wants to talk to me. i just think random things cause i can be a dipshit sometimes. well ya here i am a whole 3 minutes later with the story of my fuckin life in about 9 lines. how sad. good night. 10 lines now.
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hey sorry i couldnt call last night :(, i wasnt home
what do you want to talk about?
i dont wanna talk about anything special i just wanna know if we're still cool and shit?