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01:33pm 07/08/2005
mood: busy
WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOW im on LJ. fer sher. this crap is old school. why am i even posting? i dont know. CuZ iM sUpEr CuTe?! maybe who knows.
12:10pm 21/08/2004
  im cool now cause i have two journals now. i use both cause im stupid. k bye  
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10:37am 16/08/2004
  well i was right. fuck. i hate being right. i just played a game for 1 hour and something minutes i dont remember exactly. but i fuckin owned. im a loser talking about video games. oh well. screw having fun. im not happy. even though i promised not to get mad. im not mad. jusr dissapointed.  
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08:24am 16/08/2004
mood: calm
yesterday was fuckin insane. i was a dipshit for letting that many people over. maybe just those juggalos i met shoulda come. and steve and ya. they were the most laid back and chilled out. fuck adam was louder than hell. but he made sure to say thanks for having him over which was cool of him. oh then ya cops are fuckin assholes. i dunno if today is going to be fun or not. prolly not knowing my luck. fuck. i need to calm down on all this craziness. ya i can almost be certain today is going to be stupid. i dont get why i bother with trying to have a fun life.
07:32pm 10/08/2004

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does anyone else think that is fuckin weird? cause i do.
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12:26am 07/08/2004
  i decided to delete that last entry cause it doesnt fit my mood right now. fuck you. that fits it perfectly.  
12:05am 07/08/2004
  its really hard getting over certain things. i think i almost was over something. but i dunno anymore. i fuckin hate life. its stupid and pointless. its just a way to get hurt over and over and fuckin over again.  
10:15pm 06/08/2004
  so. i stayed at andrews house. that was fun we hardcore danced while walking to blockbuster. haha. losers. then we watched American Werewolf in London, The Amittyville Horror, and Creepshow 2. Im weak and fell asleep before the end of amittyville horror. ya thats my update. i think tomorrow im going to a show here in fremont.... wow thats going to be weak.  
05:47pm 03/08/2004
mood: hungry
i havent updated in a while.
things are going ok.... i guess
living with my dad is about as fun as getting hit in the balls constantly.
i fuckin miss talk to amanda all the time.
now that i cant text as much as before my days have gotten alot more boring.
oh man october 1st is way to far away.
i got two air soft guns yesterday.
ya that was exciting.
i miss amanda.:(
thats all im thinking about.
i wanna go see her so bad.
i dont care about much anything else.
uhmm. i think im done.
amanda <3 love you a whole hell of alot.
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01:06pm 29/07/2004
mood: depressed
im watching Kindergarten Cop.
this movie is cool. reminds me of when i was young.
i was a little monster.
i miss my friends from dublin.
preston, nicole, lia, danielle, steve, marc, ezra, andrew, and ya.
wish i could see them all.
man the beggining of this summer was so friggen awsome.
drinking with preston and just hangin out.
these last couple of weeks have been really slow.
i dont get to see anyone anymore.
i know i wanted out of dublin for a bit.
but i didnt want to completely lose all touch with my friends.
fuck im dumb. i should have stayed maybe i would still be hanging out with my friends.
but nope not anymore. ashley gave me som advice. about taking someone. anyone from dublin. well one of my friends anyway.
and hanging out around fremont in order to meet new people.
thing is i dont want to me new people.
i want to be friends with who i have been friends with. everyone i mentioned a few lines ago.
i wish i could change somnethings i did this summer already. like not go to my grandparents.
all that got me was shit i could have bought down here. and another week away from my friends. i guess i never realized how much i like my friends in dublin.
fuck im dumb. i already said that.
i wanna hang out with preston nicole lia and marisa for a day. just hang out. i dont care what we do. it would be nice to see them again.
shit maybe even go out again with megan ashley and josh and see uhh toor i think his name was.
that would make everything ok.
hang out with jamie once in a while. that would be awsome.
maybe i should stop bitching and take some fuckin action and call one of them. and see if they want to make plans.
i think i will later tonight. i'll call someone and make plans.
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10:52pm 23/07/2004
mood: aggravated
feeling sick again. my throat hurts and my nose is bothering me.
i want to go home now. dont really want to be here anymore.
fuck i dont want to go home either. i want to go out to new york to see amanda.
man getting sick again isnt fun.
tomorrow im going to start cleaning the fuckin garage.
if im too sick for it im going to be a moron and clean it anyway.
i think monday or tuesday i will be going home.
best part about being up here is all the new cd's and dvd's i got.
not that anyone should give a shit. that sounded stupid.
saw spiderman 2. it was better than the first but still wasnt that great.
last night i watched Back To The Future 3. that movie owns.
i watched it while talking to amanda. god damn shes awsome.
me and her talk to eachother alot. and whenever we talk for some reason i have a smile on my face.
maybe its cause she makes me so fuckin happy. duh.
no one has ever made me smile as much as her. and making me smile isnt easy since im such a shitty person.
dont like the heat up here. i sweat and i hate sweating. it makes me mad. its like getting up to 105 in chico.
god damn tomorrow moing shit in a garage while its 105 outside. fuck thats going to suck.
well im going to buy a plane ticket for new york. i want it to be for oct 1st so as soon as im 18 and my parents cant do anything about it i can leave. well my mom said shes ok with it. i just dont want to hear the crap my dad will give me.
ya dad i know im a fuck up of a person. i dont care anymore. i've learned to deal with it. i'll just get a shitty job and a shitty apartment. it wont be in this country though. fuck this country. i hate it.
i dont hate it. i just cant stand living in it.

this bitching has gone on long enough. ok bye.
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12:55am 20/07/2004
mood: sad
i guess i got my wish. im away from dublin. for the next two weeks. im going to be working pretty much at my grandparents . oh well gives me something to do with my life rather than get drunk alot and smoke even more. not only am i gone for two weeks. but when i get back i will only be in dublin for about 2 or 3 days. maybe 1. cause im moving back to fremont. im sure no one will miss me too much if they mis me at all. who really cares in the end. all i ever want is in new york. and i never want to mess that up. these next two weeks are also more than likely the last entries in LJ cause my dad is too cheap to get AOL or the internet of any sort. oh well LJ just causes more shit. i know im going to miss some people from dublin. but thats just how life goes. i know i will especially miss all my new friends. they are so nice and good to me. I actually though of moving to my grandparents. to you know get away from any real cities. she lives about 30 minutes from chico so you know i would be in bum fuck egypt. the only problem i would have lvingi up here is that my grandma is a fuckin nazi about music. all she has to say about the music i listen to is stupid. though she throughs a retarded ass accent on it so it sounds like tupid. it sorta makes me wanna kick her in the shins. oh well. i want my car and my license so i wont have to deal with anyones shit. fuck as soon as im 18 im going to try my fuckin hardest to moe to new york. i hate california and other than my immediate family i dont care to much about my family. i mean of course i love them. but i dont see why i should care too much. i mean all they do is embarress me in front of eachother. it gets fuckin old fast. ehh whatever. im kinda jumping from subject to subject. and i dont know if any of this shit makes sense but ya. i left cartoon network on cause i was watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. but this anime show just started. some woman was choked till she passed out and then stabbed in the heart. i kinda feel like im choking all the time now. and sometimes i feel like a knife is in my heart. that was really emo. whatever. i guess theres alot of drama in dublin . or well in my circle of friends anyway. well one of the circles. all i have to say is grow up. get over yourselves. and quit bitching about your problems to me. cause i honestly dont give a fuck. well i seem to have run out of thinks to bitch about so i think i will stop this update here. bye

amanda <3
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06:29pm 13/07/2004
mood: content
new Atreyu CD sooooo gooood
thats all i have to say really.
uhmm. im going to my grandma's next week for the whole week. sweet.
i havent seen my grandparents in a while.
03:12pm 04/07/2004
  MOTHER FUCKER!.......................................

i dislike dublin and all its contents.

im going to go on a trip for a month. i dont wanna see anyone for a month. well marc preston. uhmm ashley josh. megan danielle. damn their the only cool ones there. oh and steve. yup no one else.
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02:13am 30/06/2004
mood: emo style
im very fuckin tired. i didnt get to call amanda back cause my mom took fuckin forever to get back to dublin. sorry amanda <3 ok ya well bye
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why am i updating?   
02:01am 28/06/2004
mood: indescribable
alright so here i sit. at 2:02 am. john and marc are asleep like a pair of mental patients. john twitchs every now and then. it give me something to laugh about in silence. me and amanda texted eachother about a million fuckin times today. i really wanna go visit her. marc said he wants to come with me. i say come with me. havent been home in a couple days. maybe i'll grace my current place of residence with my presence soon. tomorrow. or the next day. being inside all day drives me fuckin crazy. so thats why im out so much. ya. so i dont think ashley wants to talk to me. i just think random things cause i can be a dipshit sometimes. well ya here i am a whole 3 minutes later with the story of my fuckin life in about 9 lines. how sad. good night. 10 lines now.
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08:24am 27/06/2004
mood: awake
what the fuck. so ya me and ashley are no more. suprisingly enough im not depressed. maybe cause we were only together for 2 days. maybe cause it happened in the stupidest of ways. who knows who cares. im over it i guess. not i guess for once im 100% sure i am. but hey ashley is still a savage and will always be cool in my uhmm... book? or notepad. ya notepad is better. whatever.

amanda i got drunk for you last night.
and i believe you got drunk for me too.
we're fuckin insane. with our drinking.
dont fuck with either of us.

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11:23pm 25/06/2004
mood: happy
time for an update. i have a gf and its fun. ashley. so beautiful. i love it. bye
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04:32am 24/06/2004
  wow its been a while since i had a crush on someone. and i didnt think i would for a long time.... but its weird one drunken experience leads to a crush  
11:58pm 22/06/2004
  fuck you!  
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